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As purveyors of better pet products, Furflr’s mission as a retailer and distributor is simple – To match our partners to a diverse range of quality pet products that suit their business model and needs regardless of price point.

We don’t want transactions, we want to build relationships. We believe that the only way to do this is to understand and respect the balance between selling and supporting, and we hope to do this through allowing our partners the freedom to curate their own diverse variety of quality pet and lifestyle wares from all over the world with our help.

We believe in creating strong and sustainable relationships with our partners through understanding their stores, customers and working hand-in-hand with them pre and post-purchase. To help pet owners find products that are just the right fit for their homes, dogs or cats and pockets, is one of the ways we believe smarter decisions pay off– And the first step to doing that is ensuring that the brands we bring to you are worth a second look.

Our History

Furflr was initially founded in 2015 as a resource portal and online directory for pet owners in Singapore. Its main goal was to make searching for information on pet-related activities, pet food vendors, and other brands of dog and cat products a breeze, by acting as a platform for users to post their thoughts and reviews.

The reason for Furflr was simple – Our team felt that the pet industry lacked transparency. In an age where pet owners were more educated than ever, it was mindbogglingly difficult to find honest reviews on products for sale, portfolios of pet service providers who had little to no mention on the Internet, as well as simple information about which stores carried what pet food brands, so that purchase decision could be simplified with the help of technology.

It was great in theory and pet parents loved the idea of a common platform just for them. But unfortunately, Furflr was not well-received by prospective vendors, most of whom did not like the idea of having potentially negative reviews about their products and services available for the world to see. Eventually, the Furflr pet directory was shut down.

However, that didn’t deter us from trying again.

Channelling the same positive energy and outlook in a different direction, Furflr today is proud to be working closely with independent, passionate manufacturers around the world who share our core values of honesty and transparency. Together, we press for change and believe that adopting an open-door policy through good conversation and feedback with customers is the best and only way towards creating better pet products.

Simply put, we’re here to change the pet industry in the best way possible for the love of our furry friends!
We have a no-fluff policy at Furflr. If something works, that’s great. But it may not work for someone else. Every pet parent has the right to know, to make an informed decision about their purchases!
Debrah Lau
Co-founder, Furflr