Asuku Japan Premium 100% Swordfish Sticks


A treat made of swordfish meat? Now that’s new! Swordfish meat contains no carbohydrates and is high in essential amino and omega-3 fatty acids, and just the novel treat for your dog or cat. Due to the short processing time and minimal levels of preservatives used,ย these treats are fished from the oceans of Japan and made from human-grade fish meat.

Comes in a resealable, ziplock bag for freshness. Please store in a cool and dark place after opening.

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Package Weight




Caloric Content

347 kcal/100g

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein: 55.0% or more

Crude fat: 15.0% or more

Crude fiber: 0.1% or less

Crude ash content: 16.0% or less

Moisture: 12.0% or less

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