Great World | 25 - 26 March 2023 | 11am - 9pm

Singapore Cat Festival 2023

Singapore Cat Festival 2023 returned for its 3rd year! Bringing together cat owners, lovers and enthusiasts, SCF 2023 worked to feature local and international cat product vendors, artists, and activities for a weekend of celebrating (and indulging) our beloved feline companions who call Singapore their home.

The Singapore Cat Festival was gathering point to rally support for the local cat-loving community, designed to showcase the importance of responsible cat ownership and cat care to prospective cat owners & the general public.

Singapore Cat Festival 2023 was a highly anticipated event dedicated to celebrating the enchanting world of cats. It was a vibrant and immersive gathering that brings together cat lovers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals for a captivating experience.

At Singapore Cat Festival 2023, attendees participated a range of activities, exhibits, and interactive experiences centered around our beloved feline companions. The festival aimed to showcase the beauty, grace, and unique personalities of cats while promoting responsible cat ownership and cat welfare.

Visitors to the festival explored a variety of curated displays and installations that highlighted different aspects of cat care, cat products, and feline-inspired art. From the latest trends in cat accessories to innovative toys and premium cat food, the brand discovery zone offers a diverse selection of products to enhance the lives of cats and their owners. The festival also featured art jamming and cat toy making workshops, and attendees had the opportunity to learn valuable insights about cat care, nutrition, grooming, and creating a harmonious home environment for their feline friends.

Entertainment is a key component of the Singapore Cat Festival 2023, and with that, attendees had the incredible opportunity to delve into the captivating world of feline breeds through our mesmerizing breed showcase. Additionally, they also got to participate in the adoption drive which provided a platform to connect loving individuals with adorable cats in need of forever homes.

The festival serves as a platform for cat enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, and build a supportive community. It provides a welcoming environment for attendees to meet fellow cat lovers, exchange stories, and forge new friendships based on their shared love and passion for cats.